Career building with NHS apprenticeships

With programmes that open up opportunities to all, our apprenticeships are designed to inspire, engage and develop your teams so they become the bright future of the NHS.

Delivering strategic programmes to develop the NHS workforce

Apprenticeships are key to opening opportunities right across the NHS, for people to learn, earn, and start building a career with nationally recognised qualifications.

Our team works with over 50 NHS Trusts across the UK, building the strategic partnerships and workforce planning capabilities that overcome each Trust’s unique challenges. We’re proud to have trained more people than anyone else to develop careers within the NHS, delivering more than 3,000 apprenticeships.

Essential to the NHS career ladder, Lifetime's apprenticeships develop key skills, improve patient care, and help people continue their professional journey. And by opening apprenticeships to a wider spectrum of people, the NHS helps a more diverse workforce go even further.

Lifetime’s experience in the NHS

Trusts are partnered with Lifetime
apprentices recruited into full-time roles
apprentices delivered across 20 different programmes

We’re committed to recruiting, supporting and developing a pipeline of talent to meet the future needs of the NHS.

To do this, we've created an enhanced package of support, services and advice available for our partners, maximising the impact of apprenticeships for Trusts and their teams.

Introducing our

NHS Partners Programme

Why Lifetime for NHS apprenticeships?

Whether it's clinical, administration or leadership roles, we’ve provided training support across a diverse list of Trusts across the NHS, each with its own goals and skills requirements.

Tailored training

We work in close partnership to understand each NHS Trust inside out. It's how we develop and deliver tailored training programmes that are tailored to specific NHS needs, and fill crucial skills gaps at ease.

Robust recruitment

Working with your recruitment team and NHS Jobs, we attract, screen and shortlist potential candidates for free. From administrators to chefs to clinical staff, we match your positions to our talent pipeline.

Expert teaching

Our coaches are industry experts, with real-life care environment experience. They hold or are working towards their EAT Level 3 and coaching qualifications, or the newly approved Assessor Coach Level 4 apprenticeship.

Anytime, anywhere learning

Our online learning technology means people can learn anytime, anywhere. Virtual classrooms bring invaluable face-to-face training, while an interactive library of digital resources is just a click away.

Lifetime's NHS programmes

  • NHS Specific Customer Service Practitioner Level 2
  • Customer Service Specialist Level 3
  • Business Administration Level 3
  • Data Technician Level 3

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  • Digital Marketer Level 3
  • Data Analyst Level 4
  • Software Development Technician Level 3
  • Software Developer Level 4
  • Software Tester Level 4
  • Information Communications Technician Level 3
  • Network Engineer Level 4

Find out more on Intequal's website.

  • Adult Care Worker Level 2
  • Lead Adult Care Worker Level 3
  • Lead Practitioner in Adult Care Level 4
  • Leader in Adult Care Level 5
  • Dynamic Leaders Level 3
  • Associate Project Manager Level 4
  • Strategic Leaders Level 5
  • Professional Coaching Level 5

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Our NHS healthcare partners

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Adding value and diversity with apprenticeships

Social mobility, diversity and inclusion

Recruiting externally and improving access to training reaches and empowers more people in underrepresented communities, disadvantaged locations and low socio-economic groups. By driving social mobility and building a more inclusive workforce, you'll gain far more than just increased apprentice numbers.  

We’re fully committed to social mobility across all our practices and processes and have adapted campaigns to actively promote apprenticeships to people with limited access to training. Around 25% of Lifetime apprentices come from locations deemed disadvantaged, showing the invaluable role apprenticeships can play as an education tool.

BAME Apprenticeship Alliance

We’re incredibly proud to be recognised with a prestigious Patron Membership from the BAME Apprenticeship Alliance, which shows our commitment to increasing apprenticeship diversity, inclusivity and access for everyone, both locally and national areas.  

This partnership helps us improve the way we work, advise our partners on actions they can take, and supports us build a network of employers all looking to improve their approach to diversity and inclusion through apprenticeships.

Team engagement for better workforce planning

To showcase your apprenticeship opportunities, the right marketing and communications are invaluable. It’ll help raise the profile (both internally and externally) while educating and encouraging potential candidates. 

We use our expertise in effective apprenticeship engagement and communications, to work with your teams and within your channels. Together, we make sure the right message is reaching the right people, as a fundamental part of all your talent development conversations and workforce planning.

The most recent episode in our NHS Partner Programmes webinar series focused on helping NHS Trusts measure the effectiveness & socio-economic impact of apprenticeships.

NHS Partner Programmes

webinar series


We're working with over 50 Trusts, to develop skills that meet the future needs of the NHS. Find out how we can build your skills pipeline.

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We have established a good working partnership with Lifetime that supports our organisational needs and provides a great development experience for our people. From recruitment planning and implementation to further planning and future aspirations, Lifetime has someone that can help us.

Chris Kerwin, Learner Experience & Apprenticeship Lead, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust