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Designed to inspire, challenge and upskill the people that are the driving force behind your business.

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The future of business is what we make it. So, we make it work for everyone. Shaped by over 25 years’ experience, Lifetime’s progressive programmes will transform tomorrow’s workplaces, with empowered people and life-changing skills.

Like the broad sectors we work in, we never stand still. We strive to consistently deliver forward-thinking, future-proof skills training that adapts as businesses grow – and unlocks competitive advantage.

We continually invest in innovative learning strategies, industry-specific trainers, curriculum experts and leading-edge technology. It means we can reach new learners in new sectors and create more opportunities for diverse talent. We’re proud to recruit over 5,000 apprentices and deliver over 40 programmes every year, to empower and enrich the workforce of tomorrow.

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Civil Service

The right people with the right skills are at the heart of the Civil Service, all focussed on better outcomes for the public they serve. Our programmes are designed to develop their skills, opening up opportunities and career pathways in the Civil Service. It’s how we help major public departments find, train and retain talent at all levels, with training that’s adapted to meet their specific needs.

  • Customer Service Levels 2 and 3
  • IT Technical Salesperson Level 3
  • Business Administration Level 3
  • Essential Data Level 3
  • Digital Marketer Level 3
  • Team Leader Supervisor Level 3
  • Associate Project Manager Level 4
  • Operations Departmental Manager Level 5
  • Coaching Professional Level 5
  • HR Levels 3 and 5
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Leadership and Management

Leaders are the driving force of your business. By focusing on them, you create a culture of learning, showcase your commitment to development and unlock your talent pipeline potential. Our leadership apprenticeships also include Chartered Institute of Management (CMI) qualifications; a combination that results in both measurable business impact and proactive, confident and self-motivated people.

  • Team Leader Supervisor Level 3
  • Associate Project Manager Level 4
  • Operations Departmental Manager Level 5
  • Coaching Professional Level 5

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HR and Learning and Development

Skilled HR and Learning and Development (L&D) functions are the driving force behind creating a healthy and productive company culture that will see your organisation prosper. Our HR and L&D apprenticeships, with CIPD qualifications*, are perfect for upskilling existing employees or recruiting new talent. Your teams will develop the transformative skills to develop both themselves, and your organisation.

  • HR Support Level 3 (CIPD optional)*
  • HR Consultant Level 5 (CIPD included)*
  • Learning and Development Practitioner Level 3 (CIPD optional)*
  • Learning and Development Consultant Level 5 (CIPD included)*

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Customer Support and Administration

Our programmes unlock the people potential across your teams working in customer support and administration. Whether they handle enquiries or support day-to-day operations, our apprenticeships are tailored to your teams’ roles and the sector they work:

  • Customer Service Practitioner Level 2
  • Customer Service Specialist Level 3
  • Business Administration Level 3

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Apprenticeships are key to opening up opportunities across the NHS, for people to learn, earn and start building a career with nationally recognised qualifications. We work with over 50 Trusts, delivering programmes that are designed to inspire, engage and develop their teams, so they become the bright future of the NHS.

  • NHS Customer Service Practitioner Level 2
  • Business Administrator with Medical Terminology Level 3

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Health and Social Care

Providing exceptional care is a priority for our partners across their healthcare settings, from domiciliary care, care homes to youth centres and mental health. In a sector where specific training is a requirement for most roles, we work to enhance learners’ skills, knowledge, behaviours and confidence so they can perform to the best of their ability and support those who need it most.

  • Adult Care Worker Level 2
  • Lead Adult Care Worker Level 3
  • Lead Practitioner in Adult Care Level 4
  • Leader in Adult Care Level 5

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Hospitality and Catering

Developing long-term careers in hospitality and investing heavily in supporting the chef skills shortage, our provision within the hospitality sector goes above and beyond the programmes. We work with our partners to celebrate and promote the benefits of working in a fast-paced, dynamic and creative industry, where apprenticeships can offer genuine progression through the career ladder.

  • Hospitality Team Member Level 2
  • Hospitality Supervisor Level 3
  • Hospitality Manager Level 4
  • Production Chef Level 2
  • Commis Chef Level 2
  • Senior Production Chef Level 3

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From supermarkets to fashion brands, to homeware stores to storage - and the head offices that support each team - we work with commercial organisations to design programmes that align specifically to their business objectives and people strategies. Our experts have developed innovative new roles and internal promotion schemes, making apprenticeships work hard on and off the shop floor.

  • Retailer Level 2
  • Trade Supplier Level 2
  • Retail Team Leader Level 3
  • Retail Manager Level 4
  • Operations Departmental Manager Level 5

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Having a streamlined and highly productive team is essential for a successfully operating supply chain. Team members need to be quick thinkers, use their initiative and keep the operation on track. Our logistics apprenticeships develop the right behaviours (integrity, honesty and reliability) alongside the necessary skills (moving and handling, packing and processing) so your workforce acts like a well-oiled machine.

  • Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Level 2
  • Express Delivery Sortation Hub Operative Level 2

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Active Leisure

A fast-paced environment requires enthusiastic, energetic people, who thrive on developing others and being team players. With over 25 years’ experience in the sector, we bring expertise and experience to develop apprenticeship programmes, from initial strategy to embedded end-to-end programmes. We can make your levy work harder, so your business benefits from a stronger, well-developed team.

  • Leisure Team Member Level 2
  • Leisure Duty Manager Level 3
  • Community Activator Coach Level 2
  • Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Enhanced Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Community Sports and Health Officer L3

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nursery school teacher and children

Early Years and Educational Settings

With the huge opportunity to grow a career, the childcare and teaching sector sees some of the largest entry-level applicants. Developing people from day one not only has widespread benefits, but doing so through apprenticeship training and expert coaches develops high quality, professional teams that grow with your business.

  • Early Years Practitioner Level 2
  • Early Years Educator Level 3

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Digital, Data and IT

Essential Data Training

As more businesses go digital and gain access to endless amounts of data, they need people who can source, assess, format and present data findings to help drive important business decisions. Our data technician apprenticeship provides essential, fundamental training for any team that uses data to inform decision-making. Create a data-driven, digitally enabled business through essential data training.

  • Essential Data Technician Level 3

Specialist Digital and IT Training

Intequal are a specialist tech apprenticeship training provider. Part of the Lifetime Training Group, they deliver expert digital and IT training to help people build a career in tech, and businesses retain the talent they need to thrive in our digital world. Intequal’s versatile apprenticeships are suitable for teams in a range of industries and sectors:

  • Digital Marketer Level 3
  • IT Technical Salesperson Level 3
  • Information Communications Technician Level 3 (IT Support Technician, Network Technician or Digital Communications Technician)
  • Network Engineer Level 4
  • Software Development Technician Level 3
  • Software Developer Level 4
  • Data Analyst Level 4

Visit Intequal’s website to find out more about their specialist technical apprenticeships:

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My programme was very relevant and interesting to my job role and has tremendously supported me in developing to that next level of my personal and career development and career in becoming a better and more effective leader.

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