How long do apprenticeships last?

The length of an apprenticeship depends on the specific standard but will be between one and four years. The training programme of all apprenticeships will be at least 12 months long. The minimum length was introduced with new apprenticeship standards as a measure to improve programme quality.

Level 2 Apprenticeships will usually be around 12 to 18 months long, and a Level 3 apprenticeship will usually be between one and two years. The length depends on the level of apprenticeship, the industry sector, and the existing knowledge of the apprentice.

After the training programme there is an End-point Assessment period of up to three months which is led by an independent assessor. The apprenticeship standard is awarded once this End-point Assessment process has been completed successfully.

For example, a level 2 apprenticeship may have a 12-month training programme followed by a three-month End-point Assessment.

Launching an apprenticeship programme

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