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Harness the potential of data in the digital era by evolving your workforce into data-literate professionals.

Empower your workforce to become data-driven decision makers

In today's digital landscape, data is the key to unlocking valuable insights and making informed business decisions. But with vast amounts of information at hand, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. That's where we come in, offering comprehensive data literacy and analysis training programs.

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Specialist data literacy and analysis training

Below are specialism data literacy and analysis training programmes. We can also help you develop your wider teams, such as your leadership team, your marketing colleagues, your HR team, and much more. See our specialisms for more information.

Level 3 Data Technician apprenticeship

Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship

Key sectors
  • Retail
    By investing in data training, retail businesses can gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour, improve inventory management, and enhance personalised marketing strategies to drive sales and customer loyalty.
  • Adult Care
    Develop your data apprenticeship program to attract the talent your organisation needs to prosper, and establish a consistent program across your sites that helps you adhere to your core values.
  • Professional services
    Data programs can help professional service businesses by offering practical training that enhances essential skills, creating a pool of skilled administrative professionals.
  • Hospitality
    Hospitality businesses can significantly benefit from data training as it can enhance decision-making processes, streamline operations, improve customer service, and ultimately increase profitability.

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