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Coach Core

Coach Core Foundation is a national employment and education charity, using community sports apprenticeships to support young adults not in employment, education or training.
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We bring together the best employers in the sport, physical activity and youth sectors, to provide inspiring places of employment, as well as access to additional training opportunities and events. We also work with recognised training providers, to ensure a high quality educational experience and to enable our young people to excel in their roles.

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Sports Coaching Apprenticeship - Community Activator (26 positions) - Leicestershire - 213047 Leicestershire Coach Core’s vision is to drive social mobility through apprenticeships and sport, so that every young person can reach their true potential and inspire those around them. Since our launch in 2012, we have worked with over 150 of the biggest sports providers, youth clubs and charities in the country, supporting over 500 young people. As a result of our ongoing expansion, we are now looking to launch a brand new programme in Leicestershire! Working hours will be determined based on each employer, but are likely to include evening and weekend work. You will be expected to do at least 22 hours of planning and delivery each week, which are likely to be in a shadowing or assistant role initially, but will also involve administration, monitoring and evaluation. You will also be required to attend around 6-8 hours of education each week, which will take place in a central location with the rest of the group. To reflect this, you will be provided with a contract of at least 30 hours each week, inclusive of weekly education, for a period of between 15-18 months.
  • Leicestershire
  • 4 Jan 2022
  • Fitness and Active Leisure
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