Treating Customers Fairly Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure transparency, fairness and openness in all business practices and processes that Lifetime Training and our staff create and engage in. This policy is in accordance with the FCA's 6 outcomes for Treating Customers Fairly and sets out how TCF is embedded in Lifetime and how the ethos of TCF is at the foundation of all interactions with our customers.

This policy applies to all members of Lifetime and those contracted to work on behalf of Lifetime and denotes the importance that Lifetime Training places on customers themselves and their interactions during all business practices. We are committed to providing the highest standards of customer service and advice at all times and are fully committed to the Treating Customers Fairly outcomes and ethos.  



The new starter induction includes a training module designed specifically to introduce and explain the meaning, ethos and reasons for Treating Customers Fairly within the industry and Lifetime Training.

There is a 12-weekly, rolling training programme which is provided to all existing staff, which reminds and updates them on the outcomes, requirements, principles and company ethos of TCF.

Lifetime Training is committed to ongoing professional development and 1:1 training sessions and workshops around the ideas and outcomes of TCF to ensure feedback is given at all times.

Audits and Monitoring

Lifetime Training carries out regular internal audits and gap analysis monitoring in all business practices and procedures to ensure that TCF remains at its core and still functions with the six outcomes in mind. Regular reviews of the audit results are held with senior management and an ongoing record of gaps, actions and improvements is maintained.

Lifetime Training uses a TCF based Communication Monitoring Checklist to ensure that all customer contact (inbound and outbound) meets the business and regulatory expectations and requirements for Treating Customers Fairly and adheres to the principles and outcomes. 

Complaints Procedures

Lifetime Training maintains an open and transparent complaints system which is continuously monitored and reviewed. An ongoing record of complaints is maintained and the appointed Quality Manager is responsible for reviewing and monitoring outcomes and root causes to ascertain a compliant TCF environment.

Sales and Guidance

TCF is at the heart of any sales, advertising, promotions and guidance that Lifetime Training provides and we continuously ensure that customers are receiving a like for like service and interaction at all times. All sales and media formats have been revised to take the TCF outcomes into account and transparent and openness is at the core of all customer transactions.


Lifetime Training ensures that all staff are provided with the time, resources and support to learn, understand and implement TCF into their business practices. Senior Management are responsible for a top-down approach and ensuring that all staff are included. 

The Quality Manager and Senior Management are responsible for TCF audits and gap analysis monitoring and their subsequent reviews and action follow ups. There is a continuous audit trail of all TCF audits and feedback to ensure continuity through each process and task.

The Complaints Officer is responsible for ensuring that all complaints are raised, logged and actioned in accordance with The Complaints Procedure and that outcomes are matched against the TCF objectives to ensure changes are made where gaps are identified.