Gender pay report

Tax year 2021

"At Lifetime, we believe that to be a successful business and to serve our learners in the best way possible, we have to have an inclusive workplace where colleagues from any background can flourish.

Our gender reporting includes all the businesses within the Lifetime Group and therefore covers Lifetime Training, Innovate and Skilltech.

We have strong female representation throughout our business and women comprise 65% of our total workforce. We want every colleague, wherever they work in our business, to be able to develop their careers with us and have the flexibility to achieve what’s important to them, both in and outside of work.

We’re committed to making sure that they have the opportunities to do that, from being certain we’re recruiting colleagues from supporting the career progression of our highest potential leaders regardless of gender." - Alex Khan, CEO

Our numbers

Our medium pay gap has remained at 2.9% and there has been an increase in the mean pay gap by 1.7%. Our medium bonus pay gap now favours females whilst there has been a slight increase in the mean bonus pay gap of 0.6%

The increase in our mean pay gap is influenced by two key factors:

  • We promote flexible working. 6% of our workforce work flexible hours, of which 87% are female.
  • There is a higher proportion of males in C suite level roles. When carrying out further analysis, if this group were removed from the data, the median pay gap is 2.3%, which is a 0.1% reduction since 2020.



Gender Pay Gap



Gender Bonus Gap




Gender population by pay quartile

As required by the regulations we have split our relevant paid colleagues into four equal quartiles based on their average total hourly rate of pay to show the gender distribution for each quartile.

Proportion of employees paid a bonus

The number of employees earning bonus has reduced year on year due to changes made to bonus schemes over the year. The median gap is now 8.5% favourable to females.




Upper Quartile



Upper Middle Quartile



Lower Middle Quartile



Lower Quartile




Closing the gap

"As an employer we are committed to promoting diversity and gender equality. We offer all of our people the same growth and development opportunities within a positive, open and inclusive environment.

Our approach to pay is gender neutral by design, which means that men and women who do equivalent jobs are paid equally. To ensure we continue our focus on creating a diverse workforce we have been working on several initiatives.

Our recruitment policies and practices encourage our hiring managers to think about diversity & inclusion at all levels of the business when planning for roles.

Flexible job design and blended ways of working offer all of our colleagues the flexibility to establish both work-life balance and a working pattern that is right for them is something we continue to develop and promote. Our flexible working policies apply to all colleagues, at all levels.

We continue to review bonuses to ensure that they provide equal opportunities to all employees eligible to partake in the scheme.

I confirm that the information and data reported is accurate as of the snapshot date 5 April 2021." - Tessa James, HR Director