What’s In An Apprenticeship Training Plan? (Previously Commitment Statement)

The apprenticeship training plan is a contract signed by the employer, apprentice and training provider before the commencement of an apprenticeship programme. It is signed in the apprentice induction phase alongside the apprenticeship agreement.

The training plan is a list of expectations from the learner, training provider, and employer, and additional information about the programme. It records the dedication of all parties towards the fulfilment of the apprenticeship programme.

The training plan (also previously known as an apprenticeship commitment statement) is one of two documents signed before the apprenticeship begins, the other being the apprenticeship agreement.

Like the rest of your workforce, an apprentice will also need an employment contract. Find out more about the difference between an apprentice contract and agreement here.

What does an apprenticeship training plan contain?

An apprenticeship training plan (previously known as a commitment statement) contains in-depth details about the programme length and content. It also ensures the dedication of all parties to the apprenticeship programme and confirms the eligibility of the learner.

The training plan also contains a full rundown of the programme including content and delivery. The apprenticeship training plan template should outline:

  • Commitments of employer and training provider and what the learner can expect
  • The start and planned end date of the apprenticeship programme
  • Expectations and commitments of the learner whilst in training and employment
  • Confirmation of eligibility
  • Details of the learner, employer, training provider, and End-point Assessment Organisation.
  • The process for solving queries or complaints
  • Learning schedule, including modules, delivery, and assessment details.

It’s also important to note that the plan of apprenticeship training should be a live document and if any changes are made to it by the learner, employer or provider it would need to be resigned and confirmed by all parties.

What is the Apprenticeship Commitment Statement?

The apprenticeship training plan was previously known as the apprenticeship commitment statement. The commitment statement also contained details of overall programme costs and the terminology was updated in the summer of 2022 as part of apprenticeship funding rule changes.

Setting up an apprenticeship programme

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