DX turn to apprenticeships to aid retention and skills development

Learn how DX is nurturing in-house talent, with ambitions to create an apprenticeship culture throughout the business. 

Apprenticeships used as key training tool to future proof the business

DX is an end-to-end mail, parcels, and logistics network operator, providing services across the UK and Ireland and employing over 3,000 employees. As one of the UK’s biggest parcel distribution companies, DX was finding that the fast-paced nature of the industry, and highly competitive job market were negatively affecting their retention.

DX wanted to use apprenticeships to nurture and retain in-house talent. They also wanted to increase their visibility as an employer that invests in their people. 

"By offering apprenticeships throughout the business, we are offering more opportunities and a clear path of progression for our employees.”

Marie Fuller, Learning & Development Business Partner at DX

During 2020, Lifetime started working in partnership with DX to train apprentices in Customer Service Level 2 and Level 3, Associate Project Management Level 4 and Team Leader Supervisor Level 3. As apprenticeships were new to the organisation, the first step for DX was upskilling managers on the benefits of apprenticeships, so they were engaged and supportive of the rollout.

To further maximise the success of the programme at the start, DX invited employees who were committed to training and their progression, to make sure they were investing in the people who would continue to be apprenticeship advocates of the future. 

Apprenticeship programmes built for retention at DX

During 2021, Lifetime and DX continued to spread the word by further educating management on why apprenticeships were an effective tool for upskilling employees, encouraging managers to start enrolling their team onto the new programmes. In their first year of offering apprenticeships, DX had a 75% completion rate and saw an increase in employee motivation and retention.

They also recruited several new apprentices through Lifetime’s Apprenticeship Recruitment Service. Here’s what some of their learners have had to say about their apprenticeship programmes at DX:   

"It’s been a big confidence boost, something to back up what I’m already doing in my job. It’s been a lot of fun to then relate what I’m learning about in my apprenticeship to my role at DX"

Emma, Team Leader Supervisor Level 3

"I have gained the skills and knowledge I need to succeed. Learning as an apprentice has made me feel more confident. I have gained independence and respect, and most of all I’ve earned while I learned, which is something I couldn’t do at university or school"

Freya, Customer Service Level 2

The improvement in employee morale and the recruitment of new talent into the business means DX is now enrolling learners onto Operations Departmental Manager Level 5 and Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Level 2 programmes in 2022, so it can continue to reap the benefits of apprenticeships across the company.

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“At DX, we are keen to create a culture of apprenticeships. Before working with Lifetime, we were not using our apprenticeship levy effectively and were limited in terms of training being offered to our internal employees. By offering apprenticeships throughout the business, we are offering more opportunities and a clear path of progression for our employees. Over the next 18 months, we hope to offer more apprenticeships throughout the organisation, so that it becomes integral to the business.” 

Marie Fuller, Learning & Development Business Partner at DX

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