How much does an End-point Assessment cost?

The cost of End-point Assessment will vary between each individual standard but will usually be between 10% and 20% of the total training costs. The cost will vary because the assessment requirements and methods differ between standards.

The End-point Assessment usually won’t cost more than 20% of the agreed training price. End-point Assessment will be delivered by an independent End-point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). Lifetime's preferred EPAO Innovate Awarding provide one free resit within their provision.

Who pays for End-point Assessment?

End-point Assessment costs are paid for on the employer’s behalf by their training provider. Levy paying employers will pay for End-point Assessment with apprenticeship levy funds. Non-levy paying employers will pay for End-point Assessment through the process of co-investment, paying 5% of the cost with the remaining amount covered by the government.

Lifetime offers an end-to-end programme, so include the training and End-point Assessment costs in one overall programme price.

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