What is the apprentice selection process?

As part of Lifetime's apprentice recruitment service, we present the employer with a list of screened candidates ready for interview. The screening process is important as it makes sure the right candidate is selected and is aware of their commitments as an apprentice and employee.

This saves the employer time and makes sure all candidates are eligible for an apprenticeship. In addition, it makes sure all applicants fit the role and the company. The employer is in control at every stage of the process and is supported by a dedicated Lifetime Recruitment Coordinator.

Lifetime’s apprentice selection process

Lifetime manages the whole recruitment process, updating the applicants and employers at every stage. Once an apprentice vacancy has been posted by Lifetime, the apprentice selection process is as follows:

1. Applicant screening

All apprenticeship applicants are initially screened by Lifetime to confirm eligibility for the programme. This is an important step as it ensures applicants fit the criteria for apprenticeship funding such as age and residency rules.

2. Telephone interview

Lifetime completes a telephone interview with all applicants to further confirm eligibility and establish important details about the candidate. The interview assesses the candidate’s suitability for the role, their work experience, and level of education.

The applicant is given a full rundown of the programme delivery, programme expectation, and job description. This step makes sure the candidate shares the company values and suits the position.

3. Employer shortlist

Employers and managers are sent a shortlist of eligible candidates. Key details including candidate CV and notes from the screening and telephone interview steps are included. The shortlisting process saves managers time and makes sure they only receive the best candidates.

4. Candidate interview

Employers will be able to offer interviews to the shortlisted candidates, who are fully eligible for the programme. Lifetime can help with the interview management process and provide interview support if required.

The candidate will be fully updated about every stage of the interview process by Lifetime’s recruitment team. This includes important information such as date, time and location of the interview alongside support and guidance to help candidates prepare.

5. Employer selects the successful candidate

The employer chooses the successful candidate and contacts the Lifetime Recruitment Coordinator to arrange the onboarding process.

Before starting the programme, all apprentices will need to complete an initial assessment process led by Lifetime to tailor the programme to their existing knowledge. Read more about the initial assessment process.

Lifetime’s apprentice recruitment service

Lifetime’s apprenticeship recruitment service is free to employer partners, saving employers time and recruitment costs. The screening process makes sure applicants are eligible for funding and connects the right candidate to the right programme. Looking for further information? Talk to us to discuss your options for apprentice recruitment.