What is the Digital Apprenticeship Service?

The Digital Apprenticeship Service is the government portal for employers to find, fund, and manage apprenticeship programmes. Launching in 2017 as the Digital Apprenticeship Service, it has since been renamed the Apprenticeship Service.

Employers log in to the Apprenticeship Service to manage apprenticeships and Training Providers, allowing them to:

The Apprenticeship Service was introduced in 2017 to help employers to manage their apprenticeship programmes more effectively.

How to set up a Digital Apprenticeship Service Account

At Lifetime, we understand it can be time-consuming setting up a Digital Apprenticeship Service account, so we have a dedicated team to help you.

We can provide you with a step-by-step guide, which includes screenshots to guide you through the process. We also have specialists who can walk you through the process via a phone or video call. To set up your account you'll need:

  • A valid email address
  • The Government Gateway login details for your organisation (your payroll or finance department should have your organisation’s Government Gateway user ID and password)
  • If your annual pay bill is less than £3 million, you can use the accounts office reference number and employer PAYE scheme reference number.
  • Authority to add PAYE schemes to the account
  • Authority to accept the employer agreement on behalf of your organisation
  • You may also need your Companies House Number, Charity Number or Public Body Name if the service is not able to match the organisation or if you want to search for your organisation manually.

Understanding apprenticeships

Have a specific question about setting up a Digital Apprenticeship Service Account? Talk to us for expert advice. We work with our partners to deliver over 40 apprenticeship programmes across different industries, functions and experience levels. Find out more about working with Lifetime.