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Pret Vacancies

Pret A Manger is first opened their shop in 1986, Pret's mission has been simple. To serve freshly made food and good organic coffee, whilst also trying to do the right thing. That's why Pret food is handmade in Pret shop kitchens throughout the day and anything not sold, goes to charity. That's also why Pret coffee is 100% organic (and always will be) and the Pret Coffee Fund is supporting the next generation of farmers. It's (partly) what Pret think makes Pret special!

Grow your skills, confidence and career (and get paid!)

The Pret Apprenticeship offers in-depth training, career progression and qualifications. It's about building confidence, gaining life skills and being part of a team.

Starting out as a Team Member, the apprenticeship can take you all the way to a fully-funded BA Business Management Undergraduate degree.

You'll be paid throughout and can step on and off the programme (allowing you to progress at your own pace). You'll also benefit from all the perks of belonging to Team Pret, such as free food, mystery shopper bonuses, weekly pay and travel support (not forgetting an Apprentice Extra student discount card).

Pret builds its culture around three ‘Core Behaviours’ – ‘passion, clear talking and team working’. Pret’s mantra is that ‘you can’t hire someone who can make sandwiches and teach them to be passionate. So we hire passionate people and teach them to make sandwiches’.

We care about your qualities, not your qualifications. So long as you're passionate about a career in hospitality, we'll support you with everything you need to grow with Pret.

If you’d like to join Team Pret, take a look at the opportunities currently available, one of our recruitment advisors would be happy to get in touch to talk through potential future opportunities.

There are no current vacancies.